Dead Ringer with Sam Schooler | M/M Contemporary
Status: on hiatus until summer 2014
Brandon Ringer is going nowhere fast. He's a high school dropout, disowned by his parents for being gay, and thanks to the chip on his shoulder, he can't hold down a job. He's also the grandson of cult-icon James Ringer, a 1950s movie star heartthrob who died in his prime, but not only that, Brandon looks like his grandfather, too. Enter Hollywood Doubles Escort Service, a boutique website that matches rich clients with celebrity lookalikes... 
Cinderella Boy with Sam Schooler | M/M Erotic Romance
Status: first draft

The Burnt Toast B&B (Part of MYSTERY SERIES) | M/M Contemporary
Status: first draft

Flesh Cartel Season 5 with Rachel Haimowitz | M/M Psycho-Sexual Thriller
Status: first draft/editing

Boys Next Door writing as Heloise Belleau | F/M/M femdom BDSM Erotic Romance
Status: planning

The Promiscuity Ring writing as Heloise Belleau | M/F New Adult Romance
Status: planning

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