Humbled | M/M Erotica with Lisa Henry
Status: first round edits
Spoiled rich boy Tad Jameson has a very rotten hobby: mistreating male prostitutes. It all goes to hell when he requests "the oldest and most used up whore" his usual brothel has, and gets Daddy, the first man in his entire life unwilling to put up with Tad's bratty behaviour. Tad's unused to discipline and he isn't about to be anybody's boy without a fight, but when Daddy gives him the ultimatum of play the twisted game or leave and never come back, suddenly the path isn't quite so clear.
Dead Ringer with Sam Schooler | M/M Contemporary
Status: first draft
Brandon Ringer is going nowhere fast. He's a high school dropout, disowned by his parents for being gay, and thanks to the chip on his shoulder, he can't hold down a job. He's also the grandson of cult-icon James Ringer, a 1950s movie star heartthrob who died in his prime, but not only that, Brandon looks like his grandfather, too. Enter Hollywood Doubles Escort Service, a boutique website that matches rich clients with celebrity lookalikes...
Untitled Bliss-Verse short story with Lisa Henry | M/M Dystopia
Tophet cops and robbers.
Boys Next Door writing as Heloise Belleau | F/M/M femdom BDSM Erotic Romance
Status: first draft

The Promiscuity Ring writing as Heloise Belleau | M/F New Adult Romance
Status: planning

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