Heidi Belleau

Author of Queer Erotic Fiction

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

such a good romance

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

An excellent representation of under-represented identities is wrapped up in an adorable package with a side order of sexy lumberjacks. Highly recommended for library romance collections.

What people say about Straight Shooter?

strong writing and [a] unique approach to unconventional erotic content

What people say about Apple Polisher?

animated and lively . . . as if her pen glides by itself across the pages

What people say about Wallflower?

[a] thoughtful exploration of complex gender identity

What people say about Mark of the Gladiator?

enticing historical romance . . . The mystery is interesting up to the end, with a twist that satisfies, and a startling climax

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In appearances, news  |  21 May

Look ma, I’m updating my blog! I don’t have any new publishing news for you (yet), but I do have some announcements about appearances! Item One: I recently stopped by The Hopeless Romantic Podcast to talk about my career shift away …

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