Heidi Belleau

Author of Queer Erotic Fiction

What people say about Straight Shooter?

strong writing and [a] unique approach to unconventional erotic content

What people say about Apple Polisher?

animated and lively . . . as if her pen glides by itself across the pages

What people say about Wallflower?

[a] thoughtful exploration of complex gender identity

What people say about Dead Ringer?

a refreshingly clever tale of unexpected love . . . thoughtful and compassionate

What people say about Dead Ringer?

tender and passionate

What people say about Dead Ringer?

engrossing and original

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

such a good romance

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

An excellent representation of under-represented identities is wrapped up in an adorable package with a side order of sexy lumberjacks. Highly recommended for library romance collections.

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Hey there, long time no blog. Gonna try to get back into the habit of it, especially since I paid for this swanky new website from the gorgeous AngstyG. Watch this space for more squeeing, rambling, and . . . …

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Read and Write With Pride @ Audreys Books
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Mark your calendars! I’ll be doing a reading from WALLFLOWER at my local independent bookstore, along with six other talented LGBT writers from Edmonton, Alberta and area. There’ll be free food and books to sign, and I’d love to see …

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Rear Entrance Video Character Art!
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Long time no see! (And no . . . website update! Uh. Sorry. I’m getting to that.) Today I’m here with some amazing character art I commissioned of the Rear Entrance Video boys! Justyna Wycislak is an artist I’ve enjoyed and …

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